Oh Cool, I Wish I Was Invisible

We’re at such a fun, exhausting, yet fun stage with the toddlers. Of course with the “little bits” too, 100_1520_edited100_1516_edited
but the older girls are really starting to talk, and process cause-and-effect, and it’s so fun to watch them! Today, while M was eating oatmeal, she reached her spoon toward S and said, “Wan Bite?” S shook her head “No,” so M took the bite for herself, and said, “Tank too.”

I laughed so hard! You just never know what’s going to happen around here.
They’re also in that hilarious stage where they think they’re invisible if their eyes are covered. I wondered if they would go through this or not, since they’re twins, and obviously they can still see each other. But I guess that they are only invisible to grown-ups!
M is completely invisible. Whereas S is only partially invisible, because she can’t help but peek!100_1487_edited
Today M tried to hide, in the middle of the kitchen, to avoid having to wear her pants. She was quickly discovered, but she keeps trying!

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