Daddy Time

Sophieanddaddy_1 Brian has been home to help me with the kids lately, and we’re all getting spoiled. The girls love their daddy!
Mr. G thinks he’s pretty cool too!100_1529_edited_2 (Can you tell he wants to be just like him? – Just look at the pose!)
Brian thinks of all these really cool things, like baby-gating the baby gate, so we won’t have a repeat of the other morning. I would never have thought of that.



All of the kids try to copy Daddy. Daddy drinks out of a water bottle, so they want to drink out of a water bottle too. We kept taking bottles away from Miss M, all day long, but then we found her sitting and drinking milk out of one.
Are you wondering how the milk got into that bottle? Well, so were we! 100_1538_edited

She was happy to show us.

How ingenious is that?!
“Mom, I’m too old for a sippy cup!”

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