I’ve been slacking with the camera work lately. I do have a video or two that I can post, but I’m regretting that I haven’t taken out the still camera in awhile. I’ll have to focus on “Kodak moments” this weekend.
For now, words will have to suffice. And boy, there are A LOT of words around here! For instance, a few days ago Tiny Dancer found some very long poles in the backyard (they belong to Grammie’s camper). I saw her dragging them around, and ran out to stop her. “Tiny Dancer, what? How? Uh…Good grief O, uhh..daa…oooff…grrrr…”
To my angry stutter she replied, “Are you……crazy?” Papa Bear stepped outside to find me stomping around the yard, doubled over with hysterical laughter!

Yesterday, I ran after Cuddle Bug as she darted down the driveway. As I scooped her up I said, “OK, you CAN’T DO THAT!” She put her head on my shoulder, patted my back, and replied, “Oh, it’s OK Baby.”
Last night Cuddle Bug climbed up the stairs after playing with her toys, and announced, “Gramma here!” I told her that Gramma didn’t live here (we had a nice visit from her last week). She answered, “NO! Gramma come!”

This morning the girls were having a snack of frozen blueberries. Tiny Dancer asked me what they were, and I said, “Blue. Berries. Blueberries” She repeated, “Boo. Bewees. Bubewees.” Cuddle Bug looked up and said, “Ball. Ice. Baice.” How clever!

Hope you are all having a wonderful weekend!

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