A Late Lunch

Well folks, you keep asking if I’m able to keep a schedule, and my response is usually side-splitting laughter. But, something happened last week to prove to me that I do keep a pretty good schedule, at least where nap-time is concerned (gee, I wonder why I’m the most faithful with that aspect of the day?!). G and C go down for their afternoon nap about 15-20 minutes after lunch. So, here’s what happens when lunch is about twenty minutes late!

Oh, and don’t worry, I didn’t make her finish her lunch!

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I continually complain about is how impossible it is to get twins to go to sleep. Every night is a party. CB and TD’s room consists of four walls, their beds, and a dresser, NO TOYS. One might think this would discourage playtime, but no such luck. They swing from the posts of their four poster beds, and pull down dresses from their closet in order to change clothes about a half-dozen times. I’ve completely given up at trying to get them to go straight to sleep. I now tuck them each in with a book, and leave the light on for a few minutes.
One night last week, reading-time quickly turned to play-time. Papa Bear had just left for Red River (we’re moving soon and he’s started a new job), and I was exhausted from putting everyone to bed (a ritual that we usually do as a team). I had flopped down on the couch to watch t.v. and veg for a few minutes before starting the laundry, when I heard, “Mama, sissy stuck!” over the monitor. I pried myself up, and slowly climbed the stairs. You may not think I was taking this cry for help seriously enough, but “stuck” usually means that one of them has become tangled in their pajamas while trying to remove them.

I had almost reached the top of the stairs when CB fist punched the baby gate that imprisons them in their room, ran into the hall and yelled at me, “MAMA SISSY STUCK!!”. She led me into their room and pointed out that TD had scaled the back of her head board, repelled down the back, and was now hopelessly pinned between the headboard and the wall.

After the rescue, Grammie and I both looked at CB and congratulated her on a fabulously successful rescue mission. Never leave a twin behind!

Semper Fi!

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