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On Friday, when Grandma and Bay Bit were digging in the yard, I distinctly heard Bay Bit say, “It’s so magical!”

Cuddle Bug and Tiny Dancer sat, quietly fighting over the pink princess dress that Grandma brought. They were fighting quietly because fighting loudly hadn’t worked out so well for them. Tiny Dancer whispered. “If you don’t give me that dress I’m gonna bite you.”

“What?!?” I said indignantly. Then I fought laughter until tears fell from my eyes.


While I was tucking the kids into bed, Tiny Dancer and I started talking about prayer. “And if you are very quiet, you can hear Jesus talking back to you. So don’t just talk to Him, wait to hear Him too, OK?”

“But I can’t hear Him,” she said.

“You can’t hear Jesus with your ears, but you can hear Him with your heart.”

“Oh, yeah,” she said excitedly. About ten minutes later, I heard her from her room, quietly whispering, “Jeeeeesssssuuuuuss, where aaarrreeee you?”


I ran out of candy and have been using marshmallow halves for potty treats. When Bay Bit finished pooping and jumped up to get her treat, Lil Prince sneaked his naked bottom onto the seat and said, “Mama, I pooped! Can I have my smarshmellow!?”


When Lil Prince asked for his diaper, Papa Bear refused. “No, you’ll just poop in it. Why don’t you poop in the potty and get a treat?!”

“But I’m cold.” Lil Prince whined.

“Oh, then put a shirt on.”

“No, I’m not cold on my body. I’m cold on my booty.”


I hope you have all had a warm, magical, well-dressed weekend! And that Jesus has been near.

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Q, and A, and a little more Q

Everyone knows that potty-training is a hot topic among parents and child-care providers. But I’d forgotten just how hot. Minutes after posting my potty-training anecdote I had e-mails in my inbox asking, “Oh yeah, potty-training, how in the heck do you do that?”

Alright, so no one asked it quite that way. But it seems there are so many different ways to go about potty-training, we’re always interested in hearing how others do it. And because I’ve successfully (and in a matter of days*) potty-trained three, and am working on my fourth, I feel I am at least slightly qualified to throw my two cents into the proverbial potty.

*To me, “potty-trained” doesn’t mean “no more accidents”. I think it’s more encouraging to me, and to my kids, for me to say “Oops! Another accident, ” than, “We’re still trying to potty-train.” I want them to hear that they ARE trained. Accidents are a part of life.

But whoa, I was sitting down to write my little potty-training post when I saw that Becky had a big question she’d like to pose to the group, so to speak.

She asked:

I am currently doing daycare for a just turned 3 yo that hasn’t even started potty training! His parents are actually asking ME to get him on track and it isn’t even on their radar at home. They say he has been in pull-ups since he was 18 mos and they are ready for him to be finished! I guess they thought that would do the trick!? My question is this, should I dive in and add to my already FULL/overflowing plate and do this for them or should I leave it for them and offer support in my home once they initiate?? I’m not sure what to do! The others I watch are all already potty trained (by their parents) or under 1 and no where near ready. Any suggestions you can give would be greatly appreciated!

And of course, surprise surprise, I actually have a suggestion for Becky! So I’ll go first and then the rest of you can sound off in the comments’ section. Okie Dokie?

First, I’ll carry on with my original plan and outline exactly how I have gone about potty-training. It’s simple, so it [this post] won’t take long. Once I finally get the nerve (energy, drive, etc.) necessary, I hit the potty-training train full-speed, and I don’t let up til we’re done. I think that’s why I wait until they’ve passed two-and-a-half. I really don’t want potty-training to drag out for months, or even weeks. Frankly, I just don’t have the patience.

We own a few packs of plastic pants, but they seem so uncomfortable that I can’t bear to leave them on my kids for very long at all. I just put a plain ol’ diaper over their underwear (during nap-time and at night). That way their accidents will still be uncomfortable, but they won’t suffer through nap-time feeling sweaty and bunchy. This has worked great for us!

Once potty-training begins, my goal is for them to be wearing underwear at all times, even through the night. And I think it’s best to potty-train in warm weather so that they can run around without pants during the day.

I stay on top of them, consistently helping them to avoid accidents. After the very first full day of no accidents (day four or five for my kids), I officially consider them “trained”. Once they are trained, I no longer put a diaper over their underwear (unless we are driving in the car – yikes!). I line their beds with trash bags, and I just expect my laundry load* to increase for a week or two. No one likes waking up in wet clothes and sheets though, so that really speeds up the process.

*You can eliminate the smell of urine by adding distilled vinegar to your wash.

We do use the reward system for successful pees and poops, offering them one small piece of candy (a Skittle, Candy Corn, etc.) for each little victory. But probably more importantly, we exchange high-fives and do the pee pee dance!

And that’s that.

Back to Becky, I potty-trained my nephew at nearly three, so I can relate a little bit. I think it makes sense for the person who has the child for the majority of their day-time hours to carry out the potty-training. But, my sister-in-law did offer me a very generous bonus for the task!

Would asking for compensation help, or do you feel you do not have the time to potty-train their little boy? Also, if you do agree to potty-train him, you should write out exactly what you expect of them at home, and have them sign it! If they are not going to be a support, they’ll only undo (and drag out the process of) your efforts. And if that’s the case, I say you should just leave him in his pull-up!

But, you know me, I save my gumption for my blog.

The lid is up everyone…throw in your two cents!

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Because I Have Five Kids and I Haven’t Titled a Post, “Poop” Yet

Lil Prince and Bay Bit are almost three and are both still in diapers. I’m really not sure how this happened; three has completely sneaked up on me this time. Even with an actual baby in the house, they are still my babies.

I trained my older girls, and my nephew, about a year and a half ago. I thought I had this potty thing down and would be training my second set early. So, why have I delayed again, especially when having kids that poop, pee, and flush on their own is such a tremendous blessing to our budget and my time?

I actually think I’m a little threatened by change. I mean, I am holding everything together just fine, why should I stress myself to change it (even though the change will eventually make my life easier)? And how many balls will I have to drop in order to focus in on that one hefty potty-training ball? What if I mess with my rhythm and everything comes crashing to the ground?!

But, alas, it has to be done.

This week, I am focusing on Bay Bit. Even though I have already potty-trained a boy, I have the sneaking suspicion that Lil Prince is not going to make this easy. I’m hoping that Bay Bit will have it down in a few days, leaving me free to zero in on our prince. So far, she is doing great.

Case in point:

For the past few days, the little potty has been sitting smack in the middle of our living room floor. My mom is visiting, and she has been helping me keep an eye on our underwear wearing tot, reminding her to “take a seat” from time-to-time.

Yesterday morning, after Bay Bit successfully peed in the training potty, grandma pulled out the tray and went to dump it in the toilet.

I don’t know what I was doing, probably taking advantage of my mom’s visit and using the extra time to catch up on blogs.

Anyway, just then Bay Bit announced that she had to “poop”. “OK, Honey,” I said. “Just sit back down on the potty and go.”

She was dumbfounded.

“Bay Bit, “I said urgently “You need to sit down and go before you poo-poo on the floor!”

She returned a blank stare.

“Honey! Quickly!”

“But I have to wait till Gwamma puts the thing back!” she blurted.

I laughed a hysterically at the prospect of what might have been. And I’m so glad she’s learning the difference between discernment and blind obedience! Cause really, that was a close one. Ha.


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I Feel Really Self-Conscious About My Hair

There were only a few entries for last weekend’s contest, but even if there had been more, it would’ve been hard to compete with Chelsey‘s caption.

Baby Bear: I feel really self-conscious about my hair.

Bay Bit: That’s OK, Baby Bear – I still love you!

Oh, how I laughed!

So e-mail me with your address, Chelsey. I hope morning sickness won’t keep you from enjoying your new cookbook!

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While I was working on Papa Bear’s Father’s Day Post, Bay Bit and Tiny Dancer were doing my hair. They had hair ties and doll brushes and were going to town on my head.

“Ouch! Oh. Oh. Oweee,” I complained in a dry, detached tone; because, really, this stuff goes on all the time and my scalp is just gonna have to deal.

“Why don’t you tell them to stop?” Papa Bear asked.

“They’re just loving on me,” I explained. “Motherhood: Being tortured by people who love you!”

And we both laughed.

Because it’s so true.

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Sweet Like Honey

I know that some bloggers never refer to their family members by their blog names. We do. Papa Bear is especially fond of his blog name, and we often calls Baby Bear by his. Still, the most common way in which I address my children is not by their blog names, and it’s not by their given names. Apparently, I most often address my children as “Honey”.

I know this, because Cuddle Bug has adopted the word, and when she plays with her dolls she’ll pick a bigger doll to be the mama and a smaller doll to be the honey.

My funny hunny.

Just when I thought I couldn’t love her any more.

She goes and gets even cuter!:)
How about you? What do you call your babies?
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