And I’m Thanking the Sweet Lord She Was Gorgeous!

My entire family is in town (minus my sweet nephew and my adorable niece who are with their mom – divorce stinks). And we decided to brave the cold for some so-worth-it New Mexican food at our favorite family restaurant (I can’t believe I left the camera at home).

While we were there, I paraded my foursome through the crowded restaurant for two potty breaks.

One for number one and one for number two!

The second pilgrimage was toward the end of the meal, and they were starting to rebel let their hair down a bit. Cuddle Bug hit the bathroom door full force before realizing it was locked. “Oh, I hate it when that happens!” she exclaimed.

Hmmm…I wonder where she learned that phrase? Bummer.

A very tall, gorgeous, rail-thin woman emerged from the restroom and was instantly captivated by my children.

“Oh, you are all so precious!” she gushed.

“Mama, I like her,” Tiny Dancer responded.

“I know,” I said. “Because she’s so nice.”

“Yeah,” she giggled furiously and then forcefully proclaimed, “And because she’s huge!”

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