Did you notice that our page views just passed 100,000?! I didn’t even put up the counter until I was within a few thousand hits. And, truthfully, I only added the counter because I was going to offer a prize to the person landing closest to that mark. But then Thanksgiving happened, and apparently I blinked, because the opportunity has come and gone. But 100,000 hits in ten months makes me feel pretty special. Thanks for reading, y’all! For the record, I am officially offering a prize to whomever lands on 200,000!:)


Someone, please, give Stormy a little competition this month!! You have two more days to enter!! We’re off for December so your link will be up for a month.


Yes, you have until December 23rd to give to Compassion International and enter to win a stay in Red River, NM. But, please do not wait until then! The earlier you enter, the more money we can raise, and we’re offering a few early bird incentives as well.


I’m feeling a little inspired and a little more tired. I’ll be back later with something more closely resembling a blog post.

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