See What My God Can Do?!

Today was ridiculously awesome. In fact, God blessed us today in ways that some people might keep to themselves for fear of appearing needy. But I think we all know that I am not one of those people.

Last night I went to bed with what I thought was going to be a bad stomach bug. Because of that, I slept in this morning; but when I woke up at nine-thirty I felt just fine. It was too late to make it to church, so I started cleaning the house in preparation for a family photo shoot (that I was doing as a favor for a friend) later in the day.

Papa Bear got a call for some handy-man work, which kinda irked me because his brother and sis-in-law were going to be stopping through and I didn’t want to handle the photo shoot, control the kids and clean the house by myself. Plus, it was a Sunday. Of course, we both agreed that he couldn’t be turning down work; so, he headed out.

After goofing off and reading blogs, I decided there wasn’t enough time to clean the house.


Instead, I stuffed everything that wasn’t nailed down a few remaing things in my bedroom (Eek, I still need to do something about that!).

Then I sat up my little studio.

And the boys helped me test the lighting.

At some point I checked my e-mail and found that Dad had sent me money via PayPal, just ’cause!

My girlfriend arrived with her husband, sixteen month old son and brand new baby boy, and we had a blast shooting for about an hour. When it was time to say goodbye, this handsome man gave me way too much money for what was supposed to be a free sitting.

About the time they left, Papa Bear showed up. “Oh, I have to go pick up some food!” he said as he turned around and headed back out the door. He showed up ten minutes later with steak, turkey, ham, bread, milk and pie that a friend of a friend had begged us to take (his family had left town leaving him with leftovers – remember how I wanted leftovers?!). Papa Bear said it was hilarious, he kept trying to thank the guy, but the guy kept thanking him instead, “I am so glad you can use it; I didn’t want to throw it out!” What a blessing!

Papa Bear’s older brother, his wife and their three beautiful girls made it into town around four o’clock. We had a great visit and the kids enjoyed showing them around our new place. They asked me how I liked living here, and I said, “I love it! But it’s a lot more room…to heat.” In the course of conversation, we spent about fifteen minutes bragging on our wonderful landlord, and then I checked my e-mail to find this…

Hi Sarah, hope you all had a fabulous Thanksgiving and a great weekend! I know that we have a lot to be thankful for! I was just thinking about that extra $50 that you owe. Before you add that to the Dec. rent, If you do not mind, I would like to have you all just forget it. Maybe you could put that towards your Dec. electric bill.

Are you kidding me?!? What a stinkin’ great day!!

Tomorrow is going to be awesome too because it’s the Make Merry Swap Roundup! I can’t wait to see what you made!!

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