Goodbye Sweet Friend

I don’t even know why I’m here. It seems like I should post something, but nothing is coming to mind. My eyes are wet and red and swollen, and I haven’t even begun to cry. Not really. Mostly, I’ve just been burying my head in my hands and muttering things like, “Really, God? Really?”

We left our little trailer last summer, and when we moved we also left the most wonderful neighbor anyone has ever had. We shared a yard, our back windows facing her front porch. She was weak, and she knew it (but she hated it). Her trailer was a million degrees (so I ventured in only in layers), and we knew she loved us because she’d knock on our window without first putting on her hair.

Rose loved Jesus fiercely. Her teenaged son introduced her to Him seven years ago, and it was shortly thereafter that she battled Cancer for the first time. And last night, after bringing her youngest son within two years of adulthood (which was her most fervent prayer), she went home to be with the Lord.

Goodbye, sweet friend. Your presence in heaven makes me even more anxious to get there. And I know we’ll all be together again soon.

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