This is a Very Important Update…

On my plants.

Y’all were so sweet when I confessed my inability to grow anything. Thanks to reader comments, I am paying careful attention to the “directions” (duh) on each of my plants and seed packets and am watering accordingly. I’m also adding a vitamin to the plant water and mixing my leftover coffee grounds in with the soil.  I’m trying not to get too attached, but so far, almost everyone has survived. I lost a basil plant to some kind of fungus (does that mean I over watered it?). But I squealed with delight when I saw this little yellow flower on my tomato plant today.

My mint is doing swimingly (watered by drainage from the hanging tomato plant above it).


And I’m thrilled, because fresh mint in club soda is my favorite summer drink.

My hydrangeas (a mother’s day gift) are still gorgeous.


And I’m giving ferns another try because of a grandmother who was especially fond of them.


This could become quite the healthy addiction, I think. Time will tell if I’m learning or just temporarily lucky. Ha.

And, yes, Papa Bear is in town and there are many more important things to talk about than plants. We’re enjoying a little quiet family life right now, though. I know you all understand, and I really appreciate and love you for it!


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A Time to Help

It’s that time again. The time when a group of bloggers board a plane with my favorite daddy blogger and I’m left at home pouting about not being invited and my life is changed from the comfort of my own home. I love Compassion International. Love. Love. There is a reason why Kingdom Twindom sponsors three Compassion children, and that reason is not that we simply have extra money lying around. There is a reason that, when disaster strikes anywhere in the world, I get online and give what I can toward the cause…and I do so through Compassion Intl.

Right now (and through June the fourth) five fantastic bloggers are in the Philippines with Shaun. What they write from what they see and experience there will change lives. If we let it, it will change our lives.

Please prayerfully follow them as they journey.

Tsh from Simple Mom
Stephanie from Keeper of the Home

If you’ve ever sponsored a Compassion child, if you’ve ever thought about sponsoring a Compassion child, and you’ve wondered if it’s truly worth it…

“…From the woman who handles the letters to the man who handles the money, Jesus has hands and feet and sometimes holds a calculator. If you currently sponsor a child with Compassion, I want you to know this: Your money is handled with respect, gratitude, wisdom, and great care…” Continue Reading Emily’s Post

I feel confident in assuring you that it is.

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Small Town on a Saturday Night

If your small town with less that five hundred full-timers was invaded by twenty-thousand bikers (which makes for a fun weekend, but not so much with kids), how would you spend your Saturday night?

Maybe not with a group sewing lesson, but that’s what we’re doing tonight.

 I hope you’re all enjoying yourselves this weekend…in whatever you’ve found to do!

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Sunshine on a Cloudy Day

We’ve had some yucky weather this month…quite a bit more snow than I ever remember in May. But the last couple of days have been gorgeous, and we’re reveling in them.

Our “yucky” weather has certainly been put into perspective, though. And our hearts, concern, long stem dandelions…and especially our prayers are with the many of you who have lost property and even loved ones in recent days.

We’d like to pray specifically, though. So I’m dedicating this post’s comment section to prayer requests. If your life has been affected by the recent storms, please let us know how to pray.

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A New ‘Do

Someone’s hair was getting a little lot shaggy. Not that the long hair made him any less dreamy. Just go ahead and melt my heart, why don’tcha. 

But a summer ‘do was definitely called for. And I have to say, this is probably the easiest haircut I’ve given my first born son, yet. He said, at one point, “I’m scared,  but just a little scared. That’s why I’m saying ‘ouch’ instead of screaming.” Ha.
Here are the results. What do you think?
Yeah, I know, he’s ridiculously cute. I think he looks just like his daddy.
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What’s That Smell?!

I began my parenting career by having four babies within sixteen months. A lot of issues go along with that. Mainly, I roped a large amount of caution tape around my litter (because it was less chaotic if they were all in one place), and I’m just now learning how to remove it.

On a more superficial note, though, four babies in diapers taught me the meaning of the word, “smelly”. Lemme tell you, baking chocolate chip cookies can only do so much. Candles are better for your waist line; but, lit flames and a house full of children do not exactly go hand in hand. It’s not fun to spend all day cleaning only to realize that your sanctuary still smells at the end of the day. As a result (even though I only have one in diapers, now), a sweet smelling home has become a bit of an obsession of mine.

I don’t agree to review many products. Mostly, that’s out of fear that I won’t like them and will then face the confrontation of a bad review. But when I was asked to review something that would make my house smell good…yeah, I jumped on that pretty quickly. I’m sure y’all have all heard of Scentsy (I had). But what I didn’t know is just how superior their products are to other “scent options” on the market.

It took me half an hour to pick my Scentsy warmer. That’s not because I’m indecisive. They simply have a huge selection of styles…and each one cuter than the last! It’s a light bulb, and it melts scented wax. But it also fits in perfectly with my living room decor.

It plugs into the wall, but because the wax is not up against the outlet (as is the case with plug in fresheners), it does not present a fire danger. I didn’t realize, until researching the Scentsy, that other plug in air fresheners have actually caused many fires. Yikes.

I chose the Hazelnut Latte scent, but I didn’t realize it would actually smell like a coffee shop in here! Every time I plug it in, I’m craving biscotti within twenty minutes. And because I love essential oils, I have also used my Scentsy as an oil warmer. Scentsy warmer plus lavender oil equals yum.

As a mom, my favorite thing about my Scentsy warmer has to be the safety. The wax melts at a very low temperature, meaning it will not burn little fingers. I mean, really, it just stays nice and warm.

(Taking this photo made me long for a paraffin treatment.)

Holly would like to offer a free Scentsy warmer ($30 value) to one of my readers. I’d like the rest of you to just go buy one (now that I know the real value)! They come with team logos and in “man” colors, too. If you’re sending someone off to college in the fall, this would be the perfect addition to their dorm room!

As a personal favor, please visit Holly’s store and take a look around. Then come back here and report on your favorite warmer. Leave your contact info and consider yourself entered. I’ll announce the very lucky winner on May 27th!

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