My Father’s World – Day 17 – a Review

First things first, Courtney Clifford, contact me with your mailing address so I can forward it to the folks at Easy Canvas Prints! I hope you enjoy your canvas!

Next on the list, I’ve been meaning to tell you all what I think (so far) of My Father’s World. We’re on day 17, so we’re far from experts. But can I just tell you that I’m loving it…loooving it so far!? I will write a formal review at the end of the school year.

It’s not a skip-a-grade and home-school your child to Mensa, program. Actually, I’d taken kindergarten past the point that was necessary to prepare Cuddle Bug and Tiny Dancer for MFW 1st grade. But I love the slow, repetitive, solidifying pace. It’s never boring, though. From cutting and pasting to writing, coloring, copying, or manipulating everyday household items, each lesson is taught using a variety of methods. We laugh all morning. That’s how I know it’s working. And did I mention that each lesson is already written (proof that there is a God!)?!

Lil Prince and Bay Bit sit through most of our lessons. I also provide them with their own (K-5) worksheets, and manipulatives (below is an aspect of MFW K-5, which we are only using pieces of).

If we start around nine, we can be done with our academics by lunchtime. I don’t make the younger three sit though everything; but if they’re interested, they’re certainly allowed to. Baby Bear usually cuts out first. He sat and played with play dough last year…this year he’s a little more boy active. He’ll still sit, but for not as long. When he’s had enough, he heads to his room to play with toys, and sometimes he heads to mine to watch Superman and play with a set of blocks that I leave out on my bed during school time. I plan to involve him more and more every year; but for now, that’s what works for us.

Everyday starts with Bible. This works well because we’ve schooled that way since preschool. The kids (I include them all) are given one new Proverb every week. This same Proverb is used for discussion (don’t teach children what to think…teach them to think), for memorization and for handwriting. I think know that’s my favorite part.


After Bible (in the 1st Grade set up) are Reading, Handwriting, Math and Art. Science fills every fifth day, and History begins in a week or two.




I love being prepared. I love being surprised (in a good way), too. And I really love working alongside my kiddos as they learn new things. In fact, we’ve been inspired to explore further…our itty bitty baby worm (that we’re measuring weekly) and our captive caterpillar are [hopefully still living] proof.
We’ve dissected seeds and flowers. We’ve drawn. We’ve journaled. We’ve colored. We’ve painted. And we still go off script whenever we come up with a good idea.








I can tell you, as a former piecemeal homeschooler, that I couldn’t have imagined loving one program as much as I love MFW. I’m not saying I’ll never part ways for math or science…but for now, we’ve found the perfect fit!

Of course, as always, we’re taking it year by precious year.

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