Tomorrow, we start the new school year…because one school day before the weekend sounds just about right to me. Today, I’m getting the school room ready and the kids are still in their p.j.s watching cartoons. They are mourning the end of summer, I think.

Tomorrow, I will be sitting at my desk, writing and teaching (and unplugging the internet from 9-1). Today, I’m Facebooking like a mad woman.

Tomorrow, I will be back to my one load of laundry a day. Today, I need to do about five loads to catch up.

Tomorrow, we’ll be eating breakfast by eight. Today, some of us are still finishing our eggs.

As sad as I am to…ummm…stop being so lazy, I really am looking forward to the school year.

Which, you know, starts tomorrow.

Wish me luck!

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4 thoughts on “Tomorrow…Today”

  1. We too love being less than productive (lazy). I guess we should bite the bullet and get ready to start preschool around here. And get on a schedule. Any advice for those who do NOT thrive with a schedule? haha! I love that y’all have a school room! I think I’ll start pinning school room ideas. Yes, that’s a much better idea than getting ready for school….right?! 🙂


  2. My first day with my 125 incoming 7th graders is a week away. Haven’t decided quite yet if I am ready to meet them 🙂 Couldn’t summer run until October?!
    Prayers and blessings for a wonderful first day! Your Littles are all so very blessed to have you as their teacher.


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