Summer Out. Fall In.

It’s all over Facebook. Fall and fall-like things are coming to a town near you. Here in the mountains, fall is here in full-force. The leaves are changing–oohs and aaahs all the way to church, yesterday. And there has been a thin layer of ice over the bowl of water that I keep outdoors for the dogs. I think we all agree, though, what we truly love about fall is the change in the Starbucks’ menu. Fall is a winner because it’s cozy, it’s cuddly, every camera bug likes a good leaf-throwing action shot and, most of all, fall tastes really good.

And so just like that, we say goodbye to summer. Though, the end of summer doesn’t mark the end of grilling around here. Last year, I made bulgogi, outside, in a snow storm (and it was worth it).

But it does bring on the baking, fall. At least, it does around here.  For one, every third recipe is now made with apple cider. How does fall change the cooking and baking in your house?


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One thought on “Summer Out. Fall In.”

  1. Yum I love fall food. I was just going through my recipe box and saw my sister’s pumpkin chocolate chip muffin recipe. I can’t wait to make those again! They never last long around here!


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