Saturday Cereal

Around here, we observe the Sabbath. It’s not a popular idea in our busy world, but I feel it is necessary for life–at least, for my life–in addition to being a whole lot of fun. In all its peaceful, prepared, glory, it’s everyone’s favorite day. Right now, I’m in my bathrobe while lunch reheats on the stove. The kids are watching Shark Week and are coloring away. Currently, they’re not copying the gore of the show, but I keep waiting for Lil Prince to ask for a red crayon. I may or may not have slipped the dogs a Valium. OK, I didn’t, but they always seem to catch the spirit of the day.

As wonderfully restful as is Saturday, Friday is a whirlwind. By sundown on Friday night, Saturday’s food needs to be made so that I can truly rest the full day. Yesterday, after baking four loves of bread, my oven and stove top worked overtime to make Friday’s dinner plus all three meals for today. I made it really easy on myself this week because I also wanted to make a cake for Papa Bear’s birthday. So, last night’s dinner was chili and rice, today’s lunch is chili dogs, and tonight’s dinner will be taco salad with (ta-da!) chili! Y’all are gonna comment and tell me that that wouldn’t fly in your house. But in my house, I’m in charge. Ha! And really, there are few meals we all love as much as chili.

This post isn’t about chili, though. This post is about breakfast. Monday through Friday, we have eggs or pancakes…even peanut butter and honey if we’re in a rush. I like to bake muffins on Friday so that Saturday’s breakfast is made, but the kids keep on asking for cereal (and let’s face it, that would be much easier). Now, I’m not a health nut–not even close. I can’t afford to give and eat organically, and organic is what I’d rather sacrifice. But I do try to eat well and to feed my children well enough to justify the occasional white flour, white sugar treat. Ahem. I know enough to know that no prepackaged cereal is healthy, and that most of them are downright toxic. So if we’re gonna do cereal on Saturdays, I’m gonna have to make my own. Here’s the result of my first attempt.

Let me again preface that I am not a health nut. If you are, please forgive me. I’m just after something of which I know all of the ingredients. I didn’t sprout grains or do anything fancy. But this took me about twenty minutes, and (based on what we ate today) it will last us about four cereal days–maybe more.

Yes, you’re seeing popcorn. After a few vain attempts at the so-called easier way to puff brown rice, I have officially given up–forever. But then I thought, hey, popcorn and puffed rice have pretty much the same consistency! I headed to Google with my brave new idea only to find out that it’s pretty much the oldest idea known to cereal. Oh well! At least I know it works. 

What I have here is:

42 ounces of rolled oats (tossed in a generous amount of honey, loads of cinnamon, a melted stick of butter and slowly toasted at about 360 degrees)

1/2 C of popcorn (air popped and then slightly crumbled–just to keep it from taking up the whole jar)


1 C of raisins

In case you’re wondering, it was a big hit! We’ll eat it in smaller amounts with yogurt and fruit, but today, it was simply cereal.

I’d like to add some raw nuts and more dried fruit, but I can’t decide where to start. What would you add? And if you already make your own cereal, please let me know what you do.

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6 thoughts on “Saturday Cereal”

    1. Yes, that is much more traditional for Americans. 🙂 However, it’s also the day we go to church, so it doesn’t end up being very restful for me. Ha! The old school traditional Sabbath is on Saturday, as in that’s still the way they do it in Israel today. 🙂


  1. Matt makes cereal sometimes – chopped almonds and coconut flakes are a favorite addition. 🙂 I also love sprinkling chopped almonds and coconut on my oatmeal (steel-cut, I’m addicted to it), along with some ground flax and a drizzle of honey.

    Chili is a favorite around here too! I’m glad the weather has cooled down. Autumn is chili season!


  2. We celebrate Sabbath as well at our house. (Friday sundown to Saturday sundown) It is an amazingly restful day for us as well. Walks at the park, afternoon naps, family time. We go to a church that celebrates the sabbath as well, so our morning is also filled with worship. I try very hard to have meals prepared before sundown, but I don’t always do a very good job. Kudos to you for getting that done!


  3. We celebrate Saturday as our Sabbath as well. If it wasn’t for that day of rest given to us by God with the instruction to “Remember” it, I thi k I’d lose my mind! 😉 My favorite thing to do for breakfast is make a brown rice and wheat berries cereal in the crockpot on Fri night and have hot cereal ready to go on Sabbath morning. I also make muffins on Fri morning and we eat half of them for breakfast on Fri and the other half for breakfast on Sabbath. Simple relaxing morning before heading off to church!


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