We Partied Like Rock Stars

I’m behind on my picture posting (so what else is new), but of course I have to post our spring break/biblical new year celebration! My sister-in-law had planned a trip our way with her two kids, so I said, “Hey, let’s go stay at a hotel for a night!” I pretended it was for the kids, but no one loves hotels more than I do.

Last year, all the big girls wanted for their birthday was a hotel stay; but if you’ve been reading for awhile, you know that we had a pretty big hiccup in our lives around that time. So this year, we made it happen early! And we did it up big! First stop, our favorite Chinese restaurant.


And then, after a junk food run, we partied like rock stars in the hotel room! We watched movies, popped microwave popcorn (gasp), found random music channels on the t.v. and danced till we we couldn’t dance anymore (I told them not to put us on the second floor). And yes, we kinda trashed the room–enough to make the maids gasp when opening the door while sis-in-law was in the next room and the rest of us were in the lobby eating breakfast. But don’t worry, I’ve been a maid! I stripped the beds and straightened the room before we left like I always do. Rock star mom by night; regular, boring mom by day.











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