Picking up Something Beautiful

I was a few months pregnant with my second set of twins before I saw the proof of what was wrong in my marriage. As I soaked belly deep in a tub full of tears I told the Father that I couldn’t go on. The “D” word was in my future, though after watching my faithful parents brave ups and downs I couldn’t have imagined it would ever be. I had cooked him steaks at two in the morning. I wrote love letters. I wore lingerie…I liked lingerie! “I can’t do this!” I sobbed, and all manner of ocean life would have thrived happily in my saltwater bath.

Be real or go home, that’s kinda my blogging motto.

The Father’s response that night wasn’t a cheery “Sure you can!” or even a leading toward divorce. What the Father spoke to my heart so clearly has been my prayer for the past seven years.

[read the rest at whatislovely.com]

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P.S. Today was my first time to pick up my weekly assignment and blog at the ministry that has [thus far] changed seven lives. Maybe all best friends should blog together. I hope you’ll feel that way as we muddle our way through long-distance friendships and you smile as you follow along. We love each other, we love Yeshua, and we’re walking the same path in this difficult life. These are the things blogs are made of–if not the best memories of our lives.


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