The Power of a Second Chance

Have you ever wondered where God’s power is? Not concerning Him, mind you. I know He is powerful. I’m fairly certain I’ve seen food multiplying miracles happen right in the pots in my kitchen. I can scarcely count the number of times that angels have swooped down to rescue my daring children. Still, where is the miracle working power I read of in Scripture? When will I lay hands on my neighbor and heal her cold instead of making her a pot of soup? When will the Great Physician become my only physician? This train of thought is a common one for me lately. And I’m continually reminded of Samson–though God’s power in him manifested through physical strength. Me? I’m kind of a wimp.

The power of Yehovah ran right through Samson’s fingers—so much so that it felt like his own. This power was bestowed lavishly, but it was conditional upon Samson’s obedience. Power is always conditional upon obedience. His hair was not the source of his power, of course. We learned this in one of our favorite Veggie Tales episodes! But his hair was important. It was an outward sign of the condition of his heart. A shorn strong man is no strong man at all, and it takes a while for hair to grow back…

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