A Covenant Worth Renewing

I once had a marriage—a covenant. It started with flowers and caviar and ended with screams and tears. In the beginning it was based on the things on which all holy marriages are based. There were rules, some spoken and some not. There were expectations, some spoken and some not. There were beautiful, starry-eyed promises. And these guidelines and fences (at least the ones we’d taken from Scripture) were good. In fact, those things were perfect. What was impetuously imperfect was our ability to live up to those things we’d hastily promised. We both failed, my husband and I, in ways too numerous to number. When my husband bucked against the primary fence of marriage, our covenant snapped in two. Yet, no fault was found with or could ever be found with our covenant (the guidelines Yehovah established for marriage). He does not design imperfect but holy and freeing and good. The fault was with the humans involved…

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{I won’t normally beg you to click, but I’m begging you to today. This post has my heart…as do all of your wonderful questions from this week. I promise, I am tacking my e-mail just as quickly as I can.}

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