The Truth Behind the Photos

It’s fall. I’ve been waiting for this: for the crunch of leaves and the smell of fresh pears served with caramel and cream. As you can see from this photo proof, the kids love fall as much as I do. Actually, they really do…enough that they don’t mind me dressing them up and making them pose for fall pictures.

g (1280x853)
“Don’t worry about the bees! They won’t sting you unless you bother them!” I insisted before snapping this one. Don’t they look relaxed?! You’d hardly even know they were deathly afraid. I paid them generously in cookies and tea.
g (3) (1280x853)
Isn’t he sweet, pouring fake tea for his twin! We had real tea inside, but it was too cold to linger outside. “Hurry up and look relaxed so we can go inside for a tea party!”
g (6) (1280x853)
I have no idea why these random logs are laying in our yard. But hey, it’s the perfect spot for a photo shoot (plan B after Baby Bear refused to sit in the wheel barrow)!
g (8) (1280x853)
I asked them to look at the pond, and Tiny Dancer saw her chance to steal the spotlight. Ever the 1940’s starlet that she is, she dwelt pensively on her lingering childhood and imagined she was twenty.
g (10) (1280x853)
This what they looked like between takes. She really does laugh in real life!
g (12) (1280x853)
This is pretty much my dream come true. In real life, my kids still haven’t developed the love of reading I had hoped they would by this age. Maybe they’ll see this photo and be inspired. I know I am.
g (13) (1280x853)
Of course, I wouldn’t expect them to be thrilled by a 1930’s Bible dictionary just because I am. Look at them acting their little hearts out!
g (16) (1280x853)
This one happened completely naturally. Just kidding! They do love each other, though.
g (25) (853x1280)
“Look over there and pretend you see something exciting” means different things to each brother.
g (26) (853x1280)
I just told them how much I love them. And oh, boy, do I ever!

**Doesn’t look like the mountains of New Mexico? It’s not. We’ve moved. More on that soon!

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6 thoughts on “The Truth Behind the Photos”

  1. my favorite time of the year is Autumn. I always took my children outside for “fall” pictures as well but most have moved out now the others are no longer as cooperative. I do have a question for you, can you email me? Im looking for info from those whom I know have published a book or two. Im writing a book and need as much info on the process and what others have learned from the process!!!


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