My Prayer for Marriage

{Because I have gone through some pretty dramatic changes over the past two years, I’ve decided to go through old posts in this category to audit their theology. This one stands fine as it was. Originally posted on January 23, 2009.}


For the past few weeks I have been overwhelmingly burdened for marriages. Unfortunately, this burden hasn’t come out of nowhere, but it is a direct result of suffering in my immediate circle of wives. I know God has a deep heart for marriage. He invented it. He designed it for our good, and He clearly created one woman for one man. But it always goes that what God loves, Satan hates. And let me tell you people, we have an infinitely powerful God, but we do not have a weakling for an enemy. Not by a long shot.

So, I’ve been asking God how I should be praying when I intercede on behalf of this crumbling institution (By the way, it’s crumbling because of Satan’s willfulness and our weak flesh, not because of anyone else. You will find me championing many a conservative political cause, but not the “sanctity of marriage”. That, in my humble not-to-be-heavily-weighed opinion, is between us and our Lord.).

In case you’d like to join me (or you have anything to add), here’s my prayer for marriage:

Perfect God and vastly creative Heavenly Father, I come to you in desire of your perfect will for marriage. I beg you to turn our hearts to you and teach us to love the things that you love. Separate us from our selfishness, and give us the grace to lay down our lives for each other.

Give wives the great strength to be women. Teach us to pray with fervency and to speak with gentleness. Teach us to love our husbands as men and to truly understand what they need. Show us how to suffer in silence and how to stand and fight. Comfort us when our husbands fail us, and never let their failures cause us to doubt your goodness and love. Keep our soft hearts soft, and soften them where they’re hard. And help us to weigh your Spirit in us far above our fleshly desires.

Give our husbands the strength to be men. Grow them up in the warrior power of your Holy Spirit. Reveal the true manliness of commitment and protection to their bloodied and used souls. Heal their broken hearts, and be the father and shepherd to their boyishness. Turn their hearts wholly to their wives, and teach them to love with selfless abandon.

Give married couples the strength to fight. Teach us to fight fair, and teach us to fight for the things worth fighting for. Make us one in body, mind, and spirit, that we may truly reflect your son and His Bride. Protect that precious picture through everything that we do. Make us selfless and tender, forgiving and kind, and always slow to anger.

Protect us from offense and temptation. Teach us to speak your words, and to speak them often. Give us time to spend with one another and remove distraction and worry from our minds. Let us return to romance, pure and holy, childlike and fun.

Bless us, heal us, and restore us by the power of your incredible name. In the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.


5 thoughts on “My Prayer for Marriage”

  1. I’m right there with you girl! We are seeing marriages being attacked all around us and we have been praying fervently against it on our homefront.The marriage is crucial to the family unit and therefore is bound to be attacked. We need to fight against the injustice of broken marriage and prayer is the perfect answer!I love your prayer because it is praying in line with God’s will….which is always the best way to go! When we pray in line with His will, we are not praying FOR an answer but WITH the answer!On a side note, I went and voted for your blog. ;)Blessings,Kristen


  2. Sarah, Thanks so much for commenting on my blog. How did you find me? It is so good to hear from you and I really look forward to reading your blogs too!!Oh and congrats on the new little bundle of joy on the way!!


  3. I am not even sure how I came across your blog…but I want you to know that it was heaven sent that I did. Your prayer (that I prayed while reading) is exactly the prayer my marriage needs right now. You have helped me to gain a little perspective on this institution I am learning more about every single day. I will continue to pray this prayer and believe in healing for my marriage. Thank you for your heart…In His name~Beth


  4. I am so with you, you can probably hear me breathing. One day I'll tell almost all on my blog. We too came through Sata's attempt at destroying us. Eight years and five more children later we're thinking about writing a book on how FAMILY and MARRIAGE needs to be rebuilt as it's meant to be.


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