Dandelion Tea: A How-to

A few days ago I declared a tea-making day. It was right in the middle of a school week; but it was a cool, misty, glorious day that I couldn’t stand wasting from inside. It was a day for yard work, really, but all the necessary yard work was done. So we sat out to dig up some prize-sized dandelions and dry them for dandelion tea.

016 (1280x853)

048 (853x1280) 076 (853x1280)

By afternoon the weather was cooler, but we were hot from all the digging. I decided it was time for a sit down, and if were going to sit, we’d need a fire.

362 (1280x853) 357 (1280x853) 343 (1280x853)

If we built a fire, we’d need some kosher marshmallows. So we roasted marshmallows in the middle of the day.

454 (853x1280)

And because one must do something to fill the time while dandelion soaks in the yard, we chased chickens, caught frogs, roasted hot dogs…and later…more marshmallows.

189 (1280x853) 022 (1280x853)

376 (1280x853)442 (1280x853)

447 (1280x853)

When it was time to bring the dandelions (and ourselves) inside, we separated the leaves from the roots. The leaves needed one more soaking.

687 (1280x853) 696 (1280x853)

The roots were soaked overnight and then scrubbed and chopped before drying.

008 (1280x853)

Everything was dried in a warm oven (in batches) for several hours. The roots took quite a bit longer.

704 (1280x853)

I crunched the dried leaves and put the nearly dried roots in the food processor before returning them to the pan for more drying.

014 (1280x853) 004 (1280x853)

In the end, I was left with this: Just a half a jar of tea from an entire red wagon of dandelions, but it’s enough to last for awhile.

018 (1280x853)


This week I’m drying plantain, black walnut leaves…and if we’re lucky, some red clover. We’re making desserts from nanking cherries and serving wild lambs quarter up with dinner. It’s summer in the country, y’all! What’s on the table at your house? If it’s from the yard, let us know!


3 thoughts on “Dandelion Tea: A How-to”

  1. Do you have plantains – like the banana-type plantains? If so, when they are mature (yellow and even quite brown all over) you can slice them and fry them in butter in a skillet. Best dessert ever!!


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