A Bowl of Cherries

I may have spent half of my life in the mountains, but I was still born in the city. What’s left of the city-girl in me still assumes that every plant and berry is poisonous–highly. We’ve eaten dandelions for quite a few years now, but besides that and wild mint and mullein tea, we’ve steered clear of everything else. So, this year has been really fun. I’m definitely a foraging newbie, but thanks to Google and some very informative foraging sites, we’re getting more adventurous all the time.

These berries are from a nanking cherry bush. It was planted here on purpose, but I’m not sure our landlord was even aware of the edible berries. Thanks to some research, we began picking in time to enjoy hundreds of these tart little cherries. And when we weren’t picking, the chickens were feasting. I’ve saved back some seeds to try growing our own. Cherries without a tree? Who knew?!

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