Wilderness Fast: Day Four

No fish. Again. I know there are still fish in that pond, because they keep nibbling and chomping…we hooked and began to reel in three different ones yesterday (or the same one three times), but we didn’t drag any of them to shore. We did hit a motherload of chanterelles! I like to have something “meaty” with dinner…and mushrooms work great for that.

070 (1280x853)

I sat by the pond and shelled hickory nut after hickory nut, because I was determined to make a cheese-less pesto with lots of lemony wood sorrel and basil. That would have been nice with fish. But every time I turned to bait another line, my little fishing buddy stole my nuts. So, there was no pesto. Instead I made a really nice sauce (my mom’s idea) out of reduced fresh tomato with basil, tyme, and little rosemary. The sauce paired so well with the chanterelles (besides being gorgeous).

096 (1280x853)
Roasted chanterelles, roasted lamb’s quarter stems, and sauteed wood sorrel with lamb’s quarter. I would have paid big bucks for this meal…it was amazing.

While we were hunting for mushrooms, Miss C and I bagged every plant and flower that looked remotely interesting to us. When we got home, we got out the laptops and had a fun nature lesson. We’ve only positively identified Daisy Fleabane and St. Johns Wort, but I’m really excited to make St. Johns Wort tea for the winter (St. Johns Wort isn’t great for summer because it can make you extremely photosensitive–something I already struggle with).

072 (1280x853)




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