We Had Fun, and I Have Pictures

The weekend before last my parents took us out of town to see the kids’ cousins. We all had an amazing time. It was exactly  the kind of weekend I used to carefully document in photo-filled blog posts.

Wanna see?

For me, the highlight of the trip was probably the zoo. Of course, we also had a great time just lounging around the hotel and visiting Focus on the Family, but the zoo isn’t free…which makes my adult mind say, “This, kids, this is the highlight of our trip!”

Kids, on the other hand, they like hotel fish. And the boxes the presents come in.

g (2)
















The last time we took pictures at the Colorado Springs zoo, Miss C bonded with the monkeys. As you can see, not much has changed.

g (38)
World’s prettiest monkey


g (23)
“Now, don’t you start!”














Miss C. Age 2 1/2
You had to be there.
g (35)
g (11)
“You’re gorgeous, darling!”


Papa Bear and Miss M, 2009
Last time we were there these lions charged the glass and tried to eat Mr. G. This time, no such luck.










Oh wow. Lookie there. I did used to do my daughters’ hair!
g (16)
Yes, he is punching the elephant in the leg. Don’t ask. I don’t know.


g (30)
He really, really wants a pet monkey.
g (29)
He really wants *this* monkey.
g (26)
Juuuust chillin’ at the zoo.
g (17)
Way up high!
g (32)
“Mom, get a picture of me with the cat. He’s soooo cute!”



g (40)
“Arggggg!” says the funny, pirate cat.



















































































It was a weekend of sugary breakfast eating, happy hour hanging, game room playing, elevator riding, crowded pool swimming, slide sliding, ice cream eating, birthday partying, zoo hiking, mall walking fun. We might just have to do it all again!


"What? It's over? See you soon!"
“What? It’s over? See you soon!”


2 thoughts on “We Had Fun, and I Have Pictures”

  1. Wow your kiddos sure are growing!

    We were just at the zoo last week. My boys love it too. I know people from places that have bigger zoos might think it’s kind of lame, but I think, no other zoo I know of has such a gorgeous mountain setting. 🙂


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