Our Little Preschool

We have a lot of craft/paint/play-dough time around here, but I’ve been trying to come up with stations that are low maintenance enough to leave out all day.

Here’s how the kids occupied their non-school time this past week. We all had a blast, and I’d love to hear many more station ideas. So please, sound off in the comments!


Dish soap, water, and kitchen utensils make a great bubble blowing station! I think out of everything this might have been the crowd favorite.

Shaving cream and cars for “driving in the snow”! I never would have thought of this one on my own!

Some good old fashioned paper and paste craft time.

And real snow! I have filled this bucket with water and toy boats a few times before, but never snow. What could be better than playing in the snow inside!? We plan to do this every day while the snow lingers outside.

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IF I Homeschool…

My kiddos are all under four. Even though we have started to homeschool, that really just means (to most people) that our kids aren’t in day care. We have yet to decide what kindergarten, first grade, and beyond will look like (although I’m definitely leaning toward keeping them home for awhile). I do see godly reasons to send my kids to school (as well as to keep them home). Christian parents who send their kids to school want the same things for their children that I want for mine; I know that. But I also believe there are practical ways [for me] to achieve many of the things that I want. I can’t, and would never attempt to, make such a huge decision for anyone but my own children. But, in an attempt to gather my thoughts on the matter…

If I do homeschool…

It won’t be because I am so smart and so confident that I think I can do better than a trained teacher.

It won’t be because I want to shelter my kids from the world.

And it won’t be because I fail to see the importance of music, art, and socialization.

But it won’t be on a whim, either.

If I homeschool my kids it will be because childhood is too short for me to be without them for hours and hours every week.

Because I believe their minds are treasures, and their souls are infinitely more valuable than their minds (and I want to be the one investing in them).

And because I want them to see their time in this world as having great and unique purpose.

If I homeschool it will be to teach my children how to function in this world of Ipods, cell phones, and designer jeans (not to remove them from it, but to teach them how to discern it).

It will be because I want them to see choice in every aspect of their lives. I want God, and not a guidance counselor, to tell them what to do, who they should be, and what roads they should take to get there.

If I homeschool I will be willfully accepting my God ordained authority of my children, rather than transferring that authority (albeit part-time) to someone else.

IF I homeschool, it will be because I believe, with all my heart, that God has called me to do so.

And if He doesn’t, I pray He’ll give me the peace to trust Him with my children while they are out in this crazy world.

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