I’ve loved being a mom for two years now. Man, has it only been TWO years!! But for the past six months, I’ve had the new privilege of being the mother of a baby boy . 100_1578
He is such a joy! Every one of my kids is precious, but there is definitely something different about our Lil Prince. He loves to smile at anyone who will give him the time, and when he thinks he’s alone, he’s still smiling. 100_1608
Although lately, it’s been because of the mischief he’s involved in. Today, every time I walked in the other room, Bay Bit would start to cry. Finally, we noticed that Lil Prince was spitting out his pacifier, and then grabbing hers out of her mouth, and putting it in his. I didn’t know he could do that!
Tonight, while I was changing Bit, Lil Prince decided to get out of his seat by himself. 100_1727_edited_1

Oops, ya caught me!:)100_1726

Can I make it? 100_1736

Sure can!
Yep, we’re having fun now!!

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