100_1570_editedCuddle Bug loves to watch dancing, and gymnastics on t.v. She claps when the audience claps, and runs around while they are doing their routines. Papa Bear snapped some really cute pictures of her this week, watching and imitating tumbling. I thought they were worth sharing!

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Tiny Dancer

We’ve been staying the week at Mimi and Ricky’s house 100_1682_editedso that Papa Bear can do some volunteer work at our church, building sets for the Easter production. We didn’t get to go last year, but we’re hoping to make a big family night of it this year. It’s quite a show, so it’s something to really look forward to.
All six of us are in the spare bedroom, which you’d think would be an ordeal, but it hasn’t been at all. It’s kinda nice in the mornings too! Instead of getting up to get the girls, they can just crawl in bed with us. I think we need to upgrade to a king for sure!
This morning, Tiny Dancer woke up before the rest of us. She must have quietly sneaked out of the bedroom to explore the rest of the apartment. I woke up when she came back into the room pretending to talk on our cell phone (Yes, she’s a teenager trapped in a toddler’s body. She has a little bounce in her step when she walks, and I call her BeBopper.) Dsc00541 I peaked outside the bedroom door, to see if she’d gotten into anything, but everything appeared to be fine. A little later, I sat in a living room chair to nurse a baby, and noticed that the floor by the chair was covered with Chex party mix, but I couldn’t find the bowl it had been in. I thought it was a little strange, but just picked up the mess, and went on with my day. When Mimi got home from work, she asked if I knew what had happened that morning. I asked her what she meant, and she said that while she was in the shower, she’d heard a crash. Then when she’d entered the kitchen, she’d found a bowl broken on the floor. “Oh! Yep, I know exactly what happened!” Tiny Dancer had decided to clean up my snack dish, had spilled it taking it off the table, and had dropped it trying to set in on the kitchen counter. She didn’t even get a scratch. You just never know what these kids are going to get into!

Daddy Time

Sophieanddaddy_1 Brian has been home to help me with the kids lately, and we’re all getting spoiled. The girls love their daddy!
Mr. G thinks he’s pretty cool too!100_1529_edited_2 (Can you tell he wants to be just like him? – Just look at the pose!)
Brian thinks of all these really cool things, like baby-gating the baby gate, so we won’t have a repeat of the other morning. I would never have thought of that.



All of the kids try to copy Daddy. Daddy drinks out of a water bottle, so they want to drink out of a water bottle too. We kept taking bottles away from Miss M, all day long, but then we found her sitting and drinking milk out of one.
Are you wondering how the milk got into that bottle? Well, so were we! 100_1538_edited

She was happy to show us.

How ingenious is that?!
“Mom, I’m too old for a sippy cup!”

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Oh Cool, I Wish I Was Invisible

We’re at such a fun, exhausting, yet fun stage with the toddlers. Of course with the “little bits” too, 100_1520_edited100_1516_edited
but the older girls are really starting to talk, and process cause-and-effect, and it’s so fun to watch them! Today, while M was eating oatmeal, she reached her spoon toward S and said, “Wan Bite?” S shook her head “No,” so M took the bite for herself, and said, “Tank too.”

I laughed so hard! You just never know what’s going to happen around here.
They’re also in that hilarious stage where they think they’re invisible if their eyes are covered. I wondered if they would go through this or not, since they’re twins, and obviously they can still see each other. But I guess that they are only invisible to grown-ups!
M is completely invisible. Whereas S is only partially invisible, because she can’t help but peek!100_1487_edited
Today M tried to hide, in the middle of the kitchen, to avoid having to wear her pants. She was quickly discovered, but she keeps trying!

House of Insanity, Mommy Speaking.

Fun_2 “The first year with twins is just a blur!”
I hear this over and over again, and it is proving to be true for the second time in less than two years! My oldest are twenty-two months now, and my youngest will be six months old tomorrow. They do something new everyday, and if I don’t start writing these things down, they’ll soon be gone forever.
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